Why PixIce?

We believe that video is the most powerful way to communicate what you care most deeply about whether that is your catering business, your dog Fluffy, or penguin conservation in Antarctica. At the end of the day, we are all about helping people share their stories with the world through video.

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What are we standing for?

“Pixice” was founded beginning of summer in 2015 and after 6 hard months of planing and preparation started working in new year eve 2016.Pixice as a web-based company is founded to reach one main goal; giving the opportunity to everybody all around the world to draw a vision of their ideas as easy as writing it down. We aim to help people understand and use the power of media in their business, education and personal life. Colours, graphic effects, lights, sound effects and music; is what we combine to present your idea. Pixice provides vast amount of predesigned short videos in variety of categories for different purposes. We believe that any person, any business and any idea should have the chance to be presented by power of media and that’s what Pixice has been built for. In simple words our mission is simplifying your access to what you deserve and need.

What are we doing?

Company name: Pixice, which is a combination of two, words “Pixel” and “Ice”. Purpose: producing short videos with lowest price, highest quality and in shortest time possible.

In today's world we witness that the power of media in different commercial fields and living quality is growing. We can now certainly confess that media plays an important role in the life of people in different social classes. We can`t easily ignore this role in different parts of society. Most of the time we are influenced by these modern and powerful tools consciously or unconsciously. The use of colours, exciting music, creative ideas and other factors in advertising videos and the world of media place this profession among the powerful, favourite and profitable professions.

Short videos gained a specific place in the world of media and became one of the effective and practical branches in this field. Short videos refer to commercial and advertising videos, presentations, slides or any media made by using a combination of image, sound and media techniques. Special effect techniques, graphics, sound effects and colour psychology are the most important tools in making and producing these types of videos. These tools are used in order to produce the most attractive and effective way to communicate the intended message to the audience in the form of scenario, storyboard and graphic designs. Presenting an art event, a gift to those who we love, making a photo album in the form of professional short video is more effective and elegant.

Acknowledging the power of short videos and the increasing need of people for short videos, Pixice made these services accessible online to everyone. Providing services with lower prices in comparison with other companies is one of the most important policies of Pixice.

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